Pleroma FAQ

We now host a decentralized social network similar to Twitter, called Pleroma, which is related to Mastodon and GNU Social. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, which are networks run by a single operator for financial gain, Pleroma is a "Federation" where the network is run by a mass of individual servers that link together to form a greater network.

Think of email: no one controls / owns "email" because there are many different providers. It as an open, rather than closed, network. This makes email harder to censor or monitor than Facebook. Pleroma works in the same way.

We cannot control what activity happens in the network. We can block communication with servers that post hate speech or uncensored nudity, and also remove problem users from our own Cascadians server, but that is about it. We do maintain a list of blocked servers, as well as a friends list..

There are over 200,000 accounts in the network: it is simply not feasible for us (or even possible) to block every user who posts information that may be controversial. Fortunately, you only have to follow the users you want to follow.

If you don't like a certain user, block them. If you don't like certain words / hashtags, add them to your own personal wordfilter.


  • No hate speech, defending/promoting racism, etc.
  • No nudity without #NSFW tag.
  • Please don't post anything that is illegal (child abuse images, bomb threats, death threats, talking about murdering the president).

How to get on

Our slice of the network is hosted at t.cascadians.net.

To register, follow the link to the registration page. A valid email address is not necessary to register at this point.

How to use

Your account's username can be referenced as @[email protected]. If you want to talk with other members of our Cascadians server, they can be referenced like @user, just like on Twitter. Unlike Twitter, though, and like email, you can talk with users on servers all across the world if you include their network's address!

Now that you've signed up, there are several ways to use your account.

  • Go onto our Pleroma site.
    This is the simplest and most obvious way.
  • Use our Mastodon frontend.
    This is a more advanced interface that some users prefer.
  • Get an app.
    This is a great way to wean yourself off of Facebook or Twitter apps.

    We recommend "Mastalab". To logon to your account with Mastalab, enter the site address for the "instance" field (t.cascadians.net), click 2 step authentication, and then just enter your username and password.

Unlike Twitter, which has a 280 character limit, Pleroma allows for 5000 character posts, which makes it convenient for some bloggers or news entities. We also have media uploading support so you can share images or videos.

#Alternate Nodes

Here is a list of known nodes in the network...
  • Mastodon Nodes -- Find a network to suit your needs. Search by language and content policies.
  • Pleroma Nodes -- links may be broken or contain unsavory content. Beware.

Friends list


Block list

If you see any posts with racist or illegal content, please contact us. If your server is on this list and you think it is a mistake, please contact the administrator. We are currently blocking the following servers:
  • freezepeach.xyz - "free speech" zone
  • sealion.club - "free speech" zone
  • pl.smuglo.li - "free speech" zone
  • switter.at - solicitation of illegal activity
  • pawoo.net - uncensored "lolita" drawings
  • wxw.moe - uncensored "lolita" drawings
  • baraag.net - uncensored "lolita" drawings

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